What to Visit in Crete? Perfect Last Minute Deal?

Santorini – one day trip by boat to Ciclade Islands archipelago, to the sout, to Santorini. The legend says that the beautiful island of Santorini, the volcanic origin, is part of the vanished world of Atlantis. Its traces back from 2 B.C.

Wedding in Santorini

Trip to West Island – During this trip you can „taste” the life in the west island. You can take a look at contemporary history by visiting Rethymnon, in Chania you can take a stroll through the walls of Venetian Palaces and Janissaries Mosques. Going through wild mountain area you can visit Byzantine monasteries and the next stop will be in Arkadi and afternoon you can take a dip to the beach of Rethymnon, where Iuve Travel can offer a variety of hotel accommodations and last minute deals.
Palace of Knossos – 5 km from Heraklion is the Palace of Knossos. It was found when the excavations conducted by British royal archeologists discovered the sit of King Minos, dating from 2000 B.C. When in other parts of the world people lived in the Stone Age, here culture was already at a high level of development. You can visit / enjoy several rooms of the Palace and frescoes. You can also visit the Museum of Archeology, where you will find the richest collection of artifacts of King Minos.
Rethymnon– in Western Crete in Rethymnon resort and its flourishing surroundings you will find long beaches with fine sand and original fishing villages. The town visitors are greeted by Turkish-style buildings or Venice-style. In the old center, which is located on the outskirts of the port, we spend a great time in cafeteries, restaurants, shopping centers, bars, discos and pubs. In the evening the center is closed for cars. Accommodation units in our offer is in Rethymnon, near or on the beach. Transfer from the airport by bus lasts approximate. 2.5 hours.


 Panormo – an idyllic resort now and in ancient times was an important port. Today through streets and beautiful buildings you’ll find original historical monuments. It’s a typical fishing village, and you can find coffee-shops, bars and original taverns. This resort is ideal for those who want to find peace. Iberostar hotels, where Iuve Travel can offer last minute deals, are outside the city, on the beach. Heraklion is 57 km, which can be reached by bus scheduled. Transfer from the airport by bus lasts approximate. 1 hour and 45 minutes.
Agia Pelagia – situated in a unique natural resort, 25 km from Heraklion, which can be reached by local buses, regular flights. The former fishing village is now a known resort by tourists. Marine life is protected from winds in the bay and the  sandy beach is long, with  promenade restaurants, taverns, cofee shops and many resort. In high season you can enjoy many water sports. Transfer by bus from the airport lasts approximate. 40 minutes.

Hope that Iuve Travel had open your curiosity and the desire for the sea and sand of Greece.

Tourists Airports in Egypt

Egypt is known for its archeological delights, historical landmarks, rich cultural heritage and plenty of travel worthy attractions.  This enchanting destination is a major power in the Mediterranean Basin. This magnificent country is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, the Gaza Strip and Israel to the northeast, the Red Sea to the East, Sudan to the South and Libya to the west.

There are many cities in Egypt that offers scintillating attractions and these cities are well equipped with advanced airports. Below mentioned are some of the top airports in Egypt that are brimming with plenty of attractions.

Cairo International Airport

Cairo is the capital of Egypt that is known for its historical landmarks, rich cultural heritage, medieval lanes, Egyptian museums, Giza Pyramids and plenty of noteworthy attractions. It is well-connected with all over the world owing to its Cairo International Airport. Some of the noteworthy attractions of this airport include Egyptian Museum, Cairo Tower, Abdeen Palace, Giza Zoo, Desert Park, Cairo Botanical Gardens, Mena House Golf Course and much more.

Cairo International Airport

Alexandria International Airport

Alexandria is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city that is also the Egypt’s second largest city. Check out the rich architecture in its mosques or try your luck at the casino strip of Corniche, this alluring city will amaze you at every moment. Connected through Alexandria international Airport, Alexandria is a mesmerizing destination to see and explore. Those who are interested in knowing about the history of this city they should definitely check out the Alexandria National Museum.

Alexandria International Airport

Aswan International Airport

Aswan is an enchanting city that is known for its granite quarries, museum, gardens and a plethora of travel worthy attractions. Travelling to this city is not a hassle as it is well-connected by Aswan International Airport. Get to know about various varieties of plants and herbs at Aswan Botanical Garden or take a heavenly stroll down with your lover at Ferial Gardens. This city is definitely worth a visit.

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Romantic Romania for couples!!!

Planning for a romantic getaway with your sweetheart? Why not visit Romania. Romania is a place full of culture, history and great architecture and is also a nation known for its hip urban lifestyle. Every year, couples from different parts of the globe visit this enchanting country to enjoy the  countless of romantic and unique travel experiences it has to offer One of Southeast Europe most beautiful countries, no journey to Eastern Europe can be called complete without paying a visit to Romania and soaking in all the wonderful things Romania has to offer.

Explore some of the most preserved medieval castles in the world like the Bran, Palace of Peles, Corvinti and Fagaras, you and your beloved will just love the mystical ambiance of these castles. Dig deeper into its rich past and culture while exploring it many romantic cities. Romania is a place where occupations and crafts forgotten long ago are still alive, where time has stopped and a place where old customs and traditions are still followed. Romania is known for its romantic escapades and spectacular landscapes and has a number of romantic places to visit. Each moment of your vacation in Romania will be so dreamy that you will look forward to spending many more exotic holidays with your partner in this lovely country of Romania.

When it comes to spending a romantic vacation in Romania, Brasov is one of the most romantic and most visited places in Romania and the major attraction here is the largest gothic church between Vienna and Istanbul- the Black Church. The Bran Castle is the place to be if you want to make your getaway more romantic as the castle has many rooms which have been re decorated keeping in mind to make this trip vacation the most memorable. When traveling in Romania Surdesti is an area which one wishes to visit as it has the perfect setting for a romantic getaway. One of the most little known areas of Romania is Maramures located in the northern part of the country and has a charm like no other place and it seems as if time has stood still here. Most of the hotels here provide special honeymoon packages and couples packages for couples as well as newly married couple, all you need to do is to make advance bookings and just show up, everything else will be taken care by the hotel from checking your drinks to arranging your visit to the famous places in the city.

Transylvania is the perfect setting for a romantic escape in Romania where you can treat yourself with romantic dinner, enjoy the Transylvanian cuisine, explore the most important natural reservation of Sunset Mountains and turn your honeymoon in a perfect honeymoon that you always dreamt off.

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Absent-minded Moms and Other Business…

You've Been Hooked!


 Always remember to remain focused when traveling; pay particular attention to those things that mean the most to you. For example, your laptop, phone and perhaps your children?

 Here’s the scene: I returned to my desk from a call only to discover three dirty, scrappy urchins, straight out of a modern-day version of Oliver Twist, rooting through the luggage tags. There was no parental figures in sight – at least none that would lay claim to the little maniacs – and their belongings were piled onto an umbrella stroller that was in imminent danger of tipping over.

 At my presence, they scattered like startled raccoons and began racing around the crowded lobby – it was the height of check-out time – like they had just been fed a mixture of Red Bull and Jack Daniels!

 Seriously, it resembled a scene from the Old…

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Who Make Your Dreams Come True?

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Does tourism mean taking care of a plane that sets off with too many empty seats? Or does tourism mean taking care of the customer, receiving the best holiday possible? Since the birth of tourism on July 5, 1841 – first “trip” in the world – organized by Thomas Cook in Derbyshire, England, tourism has meant something more than just “collecting money from people”.
What visionary Thomas Cook wanted, was to share travel experiences with his kind and give them the desire and opportunity to discover the Earth on which they live.
Leaving the yard is just the first step in a journey that can enrich your life.
Where do your “first step” get you? There is a place of luxury or just a green pasture with a clear sky above?
Do we need all the “gizmo’s of the fresh new world”? Or just we put our boots on and step on the dirt?
There is a tendency in the world to have a more natural way in the looking and searching for our “lost paradise”, but nevertheless, the tehnical wonders of this millenium could also help humans to reach places that otherwise will remain unknowned and unappreciated.
In travel industry there is a similar question reguarding who should we trust when we book a trip: the machine (the internet), or the human (the travel agent)?