What to Visit in Crete? Perfect Last Minute Deal?

Santorini – one day trip by boat to Ciclade Islands archipelago, to the sout, to Santorini. The legend says that the beautiful island of Santorini, the volcanic origin, is part of the vanished world of Atlantis. Its traces back from 2 B.C.

Wedding in Santorini

Trip to West Island – During this trip you can „taste” the life in the west island. You can take a look at contemporary history by visiting Rethymnon, in Chania you can take a stroll through the walls of Venetian Palaces and Janissaries Mosques. Going through wild mountain area you can visit Byzantine monasteries and the next stop will be in Arkadi and afternoon you can take a dip to the beach of Rethymnon, where Iuve Travel can offer a variety of hotel accommodations and last minute deals.
Palace of Knossos – 5 km from Heraklion is the Palace of Knossos. It was found when the excavations conducted by British royal archeologists discovered the sit of King Minos, dating from 2000 B.C. When in other parts of the world people lived in the Stone Age, here culture was already at a high level of development. You can visit / enjoy several rooms of the Palace and frescoes. You can also visit the Museum of Archeology, where you will find the richest collection of artifacts of King Minos.
Rethymnon– in Western Crete in Rethymnon resort and its flourishing surroundings you will find long beaches with fine sand and original fishing villages. The town visitors are greeted by Turkish-style buildings or Venice-style. In the old center, which is located on the outskirts of the port, we spend a great time in cafeteries, restaurants, shopping centers, bars, discos and pubs. In the evening the center is closed for cars. Accommodation units in our offer is in Rethymnon, near or on the beach. Transfer from the airport by bus lasts approximate. 2.5 hours.


 Panormo – an idyllic resort now and in ancient times was an important port. Today through streets and beautiful buildings you’ll find original historical monuments. It’s a typical fishing village, and you can find coffee-shops, bars and original taverns. This resort is ideal for those who want to find peace. Iberostar hotels, where Iuve Travel can offer last minute deals, are outside the city, on the beach. Heraklion is 57 km, which can be reached by bus scheduled. Transfer from the airport by bus lasts approximate. 1 hour and 45 minutes.
Agia Pelagia – situated in a unique natural resort, 25 km from Heraklion, which can be reached by local buses, regular flights. The former fishing village is now a known resort by tourists. Marine life is protected from winds in the bay and the  sandy beach is long, with  promenade restaurants, taverns, cofee shops and many resort. In high season you can enjoy many water sports. Transfer by bus from the airport lasts approximate. 40 minutes.

Hope that Iuve Travel had open your curiosity and the desire for the sea and sand of Greece.