Absent-minded Moms and Other Business…

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 Always remember to remain focused when traveling; pay particular attention to those things that mean the most to you. For example, your laptop, phone and perhaps your children?

 Here’s the scene: I returned to my desk from a call only to discover three dirty, scrappy urchins, straight out of a modern-day version of Oliver Twist, rooting through the luggage tags. There was no parental figures in sight – at least none that would lay claim to the little maniacs – and their belongings were piled onto an umbrella stroller that was in imminent danger of tipping over.

 At my presence, they scattered like startled raccoons and began racing around the crowded lobby – it was the height of check-out time – like they had just been fed a mixture of Red Bull and Jack Daniels!

 Seriously, it resembled a scene from the Old…

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