Who Make Your Dreams Come True?

Are you looking for a Last Minute in Turkey? Are you looking for hotels in Europe? Are you looking for an airplane trip in Europe? While in Romania, why not call the most experienced agency for foreign tourism in Cluj?

Established on May 31, 1993, Iuve Travel prides with several firsts in the Romanian tourism. Iuve Travel is the first agency that promoted Tunisia in Romania in 1994, or the Dominican Republic in 1995.
Also,Iuve Travel is the first authorized dealer of a German world-class corporation, Neckermann Reisen (Thomas Cook Ag. brand from 2001), since March 1998.

Do we want to promote cheap holiday? No! We want to promote quality vacations and holidays that will leave you with pleasant memories, even if the destination is not available with direct flights from Cluj. We believe you deserve every effort to find the perfect vacation.

Be it Antalya, Tunisia, Thailand or Seychelles, we strive to make your journey the shortest and the stay at the hotel as restful as possible. We wish to offer you serenity, that feeling which embraces you when you admire the planet on which you rest and enjoy the fruits of the earth without having to count the elapsed minutes.
Does tourism mean taking care of a plane that sets off with too many empty seats? Or does tourism mean taking care of the customer, receiving the best holiday possible? Since the birth of tourism on July 5, 1841 – first „trip” in the world – organized by Thomas Cook in Derbyshire, England, tourism has meant something more than just „collecting money from people”.
What visionary Thomas Cook wanted, was to share travel experiences with his kind and give them the desire and opportunity to discover the Earth on which they live.
Leaving the yard is just the first step in a journey that can enrich your life.
Where do your „first step” get you? There is a place of luxury or just a green pasture with a clear sky above?

Do we need all the „gizmo’s of the fresh new world”? Or just we put our boots on and step on the dirt?

Digital vs. Human

Digital vs. Human

There is a tendency in the world to have a more natural way in the looking and searching for our „lost paradise”, but nevertheless, the tehnical wonders of this millenium could also help humans to reach places that otherwise will remain unknowned and unappreciated.

In travel industry there is a similar question reguarding who should we trust when we book a trip: the machine (the internet), or the human (the travel agent)?